The Viplax product family provides a potential- and loss-free transmission of analog signals over fiber optics. Low noise and short propagation delays are outstanding core characteristics of the system. Each system consists of a transmitter unit, a receiver, power supply units and fiber optic cable. The analog signals are converted in the transmitter into a digital data stream and transmitted bit-serially through the optical fiber. The receiver converts this stream back into an analog signal.

Transmitters and receivers are available as 3U 19 inch cassettes or in a small mobile housing. Additional accessories include batteries for the power supplies, rack components and fiber optics in any length. We also provide customized accessories if you need them.


Inventronik GmbH now offers Viplax-II, a worthy successor for our well-established Viplax-I This new system is in many ways based on Viplax-I and the experience we have gained over the years. Viplax-II transmits both analog and digital signals over a fiber optic cable. Analog signals are fed into high-quality 14-bit Analog/Digital converters, which in return, are converted to an analog signal on the receiver side. Digital signals of the Viplax II are converted to a serial format and transmitted just like the analog signals. The system has a suitable error correction system and a fail-safe architecture to switch to a safe condition in case of an error. The possibility to include customizations creates a powerful transmission system for critical environments and difficult measurement tasks.


We hope, with our descriptions to have given you a first impression about our Viplax product family. For product and price inquiries please use our contact form.

Comparative Table

Properties Viplax-I Viplax-II
Input Voltages ± 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100V ± 1, 2, 5, 10V
A/D and D/A-Converter Resolution 14 bit / 14 bit 14 bit / 14 bit
Sampling Rate 10Msps 36Msps
Signal-Noise-Ratio >65db >73db
Effective Number of Bits >12.2 bit >12.1 bit
3dB Frequency: approx. 2 MHz (Filter dependent) 10 MHz (Filter dependent)
Signal Propagation Delays <400 ns <0.5 us
Housing Handheld / 19-Inch Handheld / 19-Inch
Handbook Viplax-I Viplax-II
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